Stay in Control.
VPSMon™ is an automated OpenVZ hardware node protection service. We keep hardware nodes stable by eliminating the impact of disruptive neighbors on the same node. Try it today! Request Free Trial

How Does it Work?

The power of VPSMon lies within the ability to take action against a virtual private server container that is abusing a node's system resources. Our stable, proven platform monitors and responds to container activity compared against rule conditions defined by you.

Our service is a breeze to install and use. It consists of simple-to-install RPMs which install the service to run continuously on your nodes, reporting usage activity securely for the service and allowing us to protect the integrity of your node's environment.

Resources VPSMon Monitors

Load Average CPU Memory Network Disk I/O SMTP Processes

Major Features Included

"VPSMon ensures node stability."

We've built VPSMon specifically to keep abusive containers from affecting the node they are on. We have extensive security features built in to keep abusive users at bay. We will even notify you when an abusive user has been found and resolved.

Monitor your nodes and containers

Monitor node health from a central location using detailed historical graphs of load averages, network throughput, network packets, CPU utilization, outbound SMTP connections, disk I/O, memory utilization, and process history.

Eliminate disk I/O degrading performance

Minimize the impact abusive/compromised containers have on their neighbors by fully eliminating node crashes due to high disk I/O utilization situations that would normally cripple a hardware node and ruin its containers' performance.

Fully customizable and easy to use

Easy to use adminsitrative interface allowing you to manage historical data and fully customize resource rule conditions, notifications, and event triggers from a central location.

Eliminate outbound email abuse

Automatically limit and regulate outbound mail to prevent IP blacklistings and limit damage done from spammers on your customers' containers, whether intentional or not.

Individual rules and whitelisting

Create indidvidual rules for any container or even ignore containers to allow for higher/lower than normal resource usage thresholds.

Automatic abuse prevention reboots

Prevent one container from impacting other containers on the same hardware node by automatically rebooting them at your defined activity thresholds. An extreme resource shortage on one container may cause degraded conditions for all containers on the node, and VPSMon prevents that.

Prevent CPU abuse

VPSMon stops users from monopolizing CPU resources by automatically hard limiting their CPU availability to your specifications once abuse has been monitored and confirmed. Use our supplemental data forwarding scripts to create rules based upon your customers' packages.

Customizable for your environment

Fully customizable end-user email notifications allow you to alert your customers when your rules trigger an event that takes action against their container, allowing for full disclosure of their harmful behavior, if you choose.

Improvements Coming Soon

We are always working to improve VPSMon. Here are a couple of few new features that we have in the works. The features shown are fully planned and coming soon! Have an idea for an improvement? Share it with us!

Denial of Service Attack Protection In Testing

An attack against one container has the potential to disrupt network access for your entire hardware node. This improvement detects and prevents inbound and outbound network attacks from individual containers, creating a more stable network on your customers.

Advanced Admin Alerts In Testing

This improvement will allow you to receive email, SMS, and/or phone alerts when an issue appears on a hardware node - (high load average, swapping, offline, etc) - alerting you to these degraded conditions before your customers do.