VPSMON Feature List

Listed below are some of the features provided by VPSMON.

  • Easy to use adminsitrative interface to manage rules and data.
  • Fully customizable resource rule conditions.
  • Automatically limit and regulate outbound mail to prevent blacklistings and limit damage done from spammers on your customers' containers, intentional or not.
  • Prevent one container from impacting other containers by automatically rebooting them at your preset thresholds.
  • Minimize the impact of abusive and compromised containers on their node's neighbors.
  • Stop users from monopolizing CPU resources by hard limiting their CPU availability once abuse is monitored.
  • Customizable end-user email notifications available via supplemental data forwarding scripts - Alert your customers too when your rules trigger an event.
  • Create indidvidual rules or even ignore containers to allow for higher or lower than normal thresholds.
  • Help provide a clear upgrade path when a user has reached the limits of their package with facts, graphs, and other data.
  • Fully eliminate node crashes due to high disk I/O utilization situations that would normally cripple a hardware node and ruin a containers performance.
  • Detailed historical graphs for important resources on your hardware nodes and VPS containers.
  • Easily monitor all of your nodes health from one central location.
  • Easy to view history and graphs of load averages, network throughput, network packets, CPU utilization, outbound SMTP connections, disk I/O, memory utilization, and process history of each node and container making it easy to identify anomalies and problem areas.
  • Detect and prevent outbound network attacks. UNDERGOING TESTING, COMING SOON
  • Receive email, SMS, and/or phone alerts when an issue appears on a hardware node - (high load average, swapping, offline, etc) - alerting you to these degraded conditions before your customers do. UNDERGOING TESTING, COMING SOON
  • We have many features in development and being planned - check back for updates.

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VPSMon Connection Issue

We urge you to immediately access the node and investigate the trouble. You may ensure that the VPSMon services are running using the below commands.

# service vpsmon-agent status
# service vpsmon-enforce status

If needed, you may remove this agent from VPSMon.


VPSMon Upgrade Available

This notice indicates that the VPSMon software on the node is not fully up to date. We recommend that you upgrade all of your nodes as soon as an update is available to increase the stability and performance of our software.

Agent Upgrade Documentation



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