Say goodbye to I/O performance degradation - VPSMON-IO now available

Tired of having intensive disk I/O activity on your hardware nodes cause significant performance degradation for the entire node? We have a proven solution!

Any system administrator having experience with high density OpenVZ hardware nodes understands that even a single client running I/O intensive tasks can easily disrupt an otherwise perfect node environment. VPSMON-IO solves that problem. This application monitors and takes action on I/O-intense processes that would otherwise threaten node stability and performance.

The VPSMON-IO package has been released to our stable YUM repository.

Examples of I/O intensive tasks monitored includes container activity involving:

  • The cPanel account packaging process.
  • Commands such as updatedb, clamscan, rsync, and dd.
  • Gzip file compression involving large data sets.
  • Tarball creation involving many files or large data sets.
  • System integrity checking such as the md5sum mechanism provided by the ConfigServer Security & Firewall LFD application.

The VPSMON-IO program is fully customizable via the standard VPSMON configuration file and may be adjusted to meet requirements for any server environment. It may be installed on any VPSMON agent via YUM:

# yum install vpsmon-io

Documentation for this functionality is available within the VPSMON portal.

Written by Bryon Elston on December 28, 2012.