Agent 1.3 Available

This update is for the vpsmon-agent and vpsmon-enforce packages.


  • Reworked agent SMTP connection and network statistics collectors.
  • Resolved issue that may have lead to duplicate SMTP counts and/or network statistic data for some IP addresses under certain conditions.
  • Resolved issue with SMTP connection and network statistics collectors caused by OpenVZ containers with no IP address.
  • Corrected service status command line parameter for vpsmon-agent and vpsmon-enforce services.
  • SMTP restrictions are now occassionally synchronized to verify existing restrictions are valid and/or persist. (e.g., after node migration and iptables chain flush.)

To update on an OpenVZ agent:

# yum update vpsmon-agent-1.3 vpsmon-enforce-1.3
# service vpsmon-agent restart
# service vpsmon-enforce restart

Written by Bryon Elston on August 5, 2013.