Agent 1.8 Available

This update is for the vpsmon-agent package.

This is a significant update that spans multiple months of work to improve the VPSMon agent and server subsystems.


  • Improved VPSMon server efficiency for nodes with multiple-hundreds of containers.
  • Improved container resource utilization gathering for high-density nodes.
  • New batched communications to VPSMon server for improved performance.
  • Improved iptables rule handling to better ensure rule consistency.
  • Introduced mechanism to disable network packet and byte information, allowing SMTP to still be tracked. (Set pub_network=off in /etc/vpsmon.conf)
  • Greatly increased efficiency of SMTP connection tracking to reduce iptables overhead for network traffic.

To update on an OpenVZ agent:

# yum update vpsmon-agent
# service vpsmon-agent restart

Written by Bryon Elston on July 9, 2014.