Agent 1.1.4 Available

This update is for the vpsmon-agent, vpsmon-enforce, and vpsmon-io packages.


  • Resolved possible deadlock in vpsmon-enforce and vpsmon-agent due to concurrent communication to VPSMON server under some conditions.
  • Resolved timing issue within vpsmon-agent and vpsmon-io caused by system clock change.
  • Resolved possible issue with SMTP connection monitoring caused by iptables firewall rules having been adjusted outside the VPSMON application.

To update on an OpenVZ agent:

# yum update vpsmon-agent vpsmon-enforce vpsmon-io
# service vpsmon-agent restart
# service vpsmon-io restart
# service vpsmon-enforce restart

Written by Bryon Elston on December 17, 2012.