Agent Available

This update is for the vpsmon-agent and vpsmon-enforce packages.


  • Added network collector type, which includes both byte and packet monitoring.
  • Added process accounting collector type.
  • Added disk quota reporting for main hardware node for new Overview website page.
  • Resolved issue with SMTP collecting - Rsyslogd configuration not including /etc/rsyslog.d/*.conf files by default on some agent installations.
  • Resolved possible synchronization deadlock in vpsmon-enforce.
  • Added du_parition configuration option for vpsmon-agent to specify agent partition for quota monitoring on new Overview website page.
  • Resolved issue with duplicate SMTP warnings and block enforcements being generated at the same time. SMTP blocks now override warnings if both triggered.
  • Added SMTP block enforcement removal grace period to prevent immediate, new duplicate SMTP events upon removal of existing block.

To use the new network and process collectors either of the following steps must be taken:

  1. Manually edit /etc/vpsmon.conf and ensure `network' and `proc' exist within the comma-separate value of the directive `collectors'. (e.g.: collectors = bclavg,bccpu,smtp,bcio,bcubc,network,proc) Run `service vpsmon-agent restart' after configuration changes.
  2. Re-run the agent setup script: /usr/local/vpsmon-agent/setup

To update on an OpenVZ agent:

# yum update vpsmon-agent vpsmon-enforce
# service vpsmon-agent restart
# service vpsmon-enforce restart

Written by Bryon Elston on December 30, 2012.